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The following is a legal agreement between You, your company, your employer, your client and the owners of alegriphotos.com ("alegriphotos", "alegriphotos.com", "4FP" "We") and it's contributors. Please carefully read this document as using the website and the images hosted on it means you have fully understood and agreed with the terms listed below.
By using the Website You agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If You do not agree with the Terms of use, please discontinue the usage of this website and all the related content. This agreement may be revised or updated without notice. You are advised to review it regularly. Details on updates can be found at the beginning of this document.

As alegriphotos.com uses an automated translation to show content in multiple languages for user's convenience, leveraged from English, the current legal notice will be kept in English in all translated pages. You may translate the page using the provided tool, but please notice that the English version of the present document is the only valid legal document.

I. The use of our Website
You agree that You are responsible for all of your use of the site including for the use of your account by others and that you are the legal age to use and access this website, along with the content hosted on it. You are also responsible to make sure the usage of this website and the material hosted on it is legal in your location.
All images hosted on this website are owned by their photographer along with all the related info and are protected by international copyright laws. Use of these Images without license or outside the license terms is prohibited. alegriphotos.com do their best to provide accurate information on Images and on the services of the Website, however against all our efforts there can be some typographical and technical errors on it. We cannot be held liable for any losses or damages resulting from the inaccuracy of any information on the Website.

II. Termination
Both parties can terminate your membership account for any reason. You acknowledge that because of copyright infringement or other kinds of serious - or even malicious - acts, you may face legal consequences.We reserve the right to deny access to this website to any person or member without any notification and to request the discontinuation of the license for any image downlaoded from our website.We reserve the right to terminate your account for any or no reason without prior notification.

III. Privacy policy

We do everything we can in order to protect your privacy. We have a strict no-spam policy. We do not rent, sell or share your personal details with 3rd parties without your consent unless we are required to do so by the law.

We respect your privacy and we do the best we can to protect it. We do not rent, sell or share your personal details with 3rd parties unless we are required by law, we also do not send you communication without your explicit approval.

Your IP address may be stored by various systems of our website for spam protection purpose and security but will not be used in any way to track your identity, location or other personal information, or be shared with 3rd parties unless requested by law. Our web server do not automatically collect the email address of our users or any kind of personal information, this information is only collected at the moment of signup after user has agreed to the present terms and conditions.

From time to time we may create information locally on your computer, known as "cookies". These are used by various features of our website to keep track of your visit and do not harm your system in any way or read information from your computer. Our advertiser may also use cookies to track the number of visits and to personalize content. You can at all time decide whether to accept or deny cookies by changes your browser settings. If you decide not to accept cookies your experience on the website might be diminished and not all features will be available.

We collect information from You during the registration process, and some of that information will be disclosed on the website (name, location, username). By signing up to our website you agree with the disclosure of that information to the public. We will however not disclose your email address to anyone, expect if we have your explicit  approval, or we are requested to do so by law.

If you have given your approval we may send from time to time different promotional material, information’s and mailings to the email address specified at the creation of the account. If we do not have your approval for sending communication you may still receive automated notifications from the website in events like account creation, password reset etc.Please be aware that when you disclose personal information on the website, by posting comments, creating lightboxes, adding descriptions, etc. We do not have any control over it and it can be collected and tracked by anyone. Any damage that may result from this falls entirely under your responsibility and the website and his owners cannot be held responsible for it.

Using this website means You fully agree with the terms presented here and are aware that against all our best efforts to keep this website secure we cannot be held responsible for any damage that might be caused by special circumstances like hacker attacks, data corruption, catastrophes, data loss, etc.

IV. Image usage

  • If using the images online please link back to the site. A simple link is enough Image by alegriphotos.com
  • If using the images offline in print, media, etc no attribution is required, but if you choose to do so you may give the photographer credits. e.g. Image by alegri / alegriphotos.com


The photographers on this site are offering our personal collection of images and illustrations to the public, to use them for free. The images do not have a model release so please be careful when using the images featuring products, trademark, people, works of art and propriety in commercial purposes or to endorse products or services.
Please note that we, the photographers, have offered these images for free to be useful for people in their projects without limiting how they are used, but we are not able to provide any legal counsel or warranties of any kind on the way they can be used in projects, especially commercial ones. The images are offered as is and without warranty.

Please note that it is your responsability if you do and we kindly ask you not to use the images:
- For pornographic, unlawful and immoral purpose, for spreading hate, discrimination, violence, or to defame other people;
- As part of a trade mark, logo, or to endorse products and services if it depicts a person, or a product;

As we spent great deal of time in putting togheter this website we have only two requirements in how you can use the content stored on our website including images. You are not allowed to copy the content of this website with an application or reuse a big part of the images (due to bandwith impact), code, and content for creating a similar website, or any other type of activity similar to the one our website is running, and you are not allowed to hotlink (use images on your webpage by loading them from our server) as this will mean stealing bandwith.

Model release
alegriphotos.com DOES NOT offer a model/brand release with its photos. You agree that it is your entirely responsibility to check with the owners of any brand that may appear on the image or with any people if they give their approval to use the image as you intend. We cannot offer a model release anyhow and we are not responsible for any liability that may come from using images with copyrighted material in them, people, buildings, brands, logos, etc.

Resolution of images
Images are offered on the website "As is". You must consider the highest available resolution available the resolution present on website.

V. Indemnification
You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless alegriphotos.com and its representatives or owners against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to a breach of this Agreement, the use of this site and the use or the inability of use of any Image, your failure to abide by any restriction regarding the use of an Image, or any claim by a third party related to the use of an Image as well as any kind of damage that might be caused by the termination of our sevice or your account including but not limited at data loss.

VI. Warranty and Liability
This website and it's content is offered "AS IS" without any warranty. You are solely responsable for the missuse of the information provided here.

alegriphotos.com and its contributors shall not be liable for any damage direct or indirect caused by the usage of this website or it's content, including images, graphics, video and text. alegriphotos.com and it's contribuitors do not guarantee that the content viewed in any other language than English is accurate and cannot be held responsable for any kind of damage that may result directly or indirectly. Translation for all languages except English comes from difrent sources, including automated translators and may be inaccurate. Translation is offered only for user's convenience.

VII. Cookies Information
This website uses cookies for the purpose of tracking user login (remembering your last login if consent for that is give) and analytics about the website usage. This sometimes involves placing small amounts of information on your device, for example, computer or mobile phone. If you do not wish to have this information saved and tracked you should disable cookies from your browser.